What documents do eInvoices include?

eInvoices are mainly used for:

  • Invoices
  • Debit and Credit notes
  • Goods or services
  • Commission notes
  • Tax and custom notifications

Comply receives any document type without invoice capturing costs. Minimize invoice processing time and costs and eliminate data-capture mistakes and duplications while reducing allocation errors thanks to AI and machine learning.

The transport sector

eInvoicing documents are also widespread in the transport sector for:

  • freight
  • costs
  • charges
  • insurance

The verticalization of Comply for the transport and logistics sector makes it possible to
improve the level of customer service, track shipments in real-time, check on delays and exceptions in the shipping process, and make the logistics process more efficient.

The documents may refer to Prepayment Invoices, or Partial and Final Invoices.