Dispute management

Easily resolve dispute cases

Clarify your disputes as fast as possible to safeguard your supplier relationships.Track all disputes and resolve them quickly.

Following the right steps and maintaining a proactive and collaborative approach enhances your ability to settle disputes rapidly and thereby maintain strong, productive relationships with your suppliers.

Effortlessly improve supplier relationships

Comply simplifies digital collaboration to increase efficiency, reconcile discrepancies, and enhance supplier satisfaction.

Instantly view anomalies, duplicates, mismatches, and exceptions.

Improve supplier relationships with clear communication and good payment practices.

Manage team connections

Coordinate your whole team by connecting your employees.

Simplify management

Use automated workflows and tracking to resolve disputes faster without headaches.

Get every perspective and eliminate silos

Resolve disputes faster with more information and different points of view.

Flag rule violations

Distribute and track disputes digitally for coordinated resolution.

Rapidly identify anomalies

Quickly identify discrepancies between orders, deliveries, expenses, and payment data.

Gain peace of mind

Clear up all disputes quickly for greater productivity.

Simplify digital collaboration

Comply’s features enable you to rapidly manage a dispute from opening to resolution, and to track all related events and details.

AP Department

Administrative area

Customized dispute opening

The administrative area can assign the dispute directly to the responsible party complete with comments and attachments.

By linking all the related documents different teams can contribute to resolving the matter.

Continuous tracking of dispute status

Monitor the progress of each dispute through dedicated lists and dashboards.

All departments involved in a dispute case can easily access and view the related documents via their roles- and rules-based accounts.


Approver area

Manage your dispute list

Access your private area to view all disputes assigned to you from a single point of entry.

Examine all the relevant and related information in electronic files and structured formats and view details such as:

  • reason for the dispute
  • priorities
  • supplier contact information
  • delivery notes
  • purchase orders
  • disputed amounts, etc.

Resolve disputes in just a few clicks

Review the details of an individual dispute before resolving it directly from your mobile or desktop in just a few clicks.


The Comply platform drives your efficiency

Provide your team and company with all the tools necessary to optimize the entire Accounts Payable process ー and save time and money to invest in other strategic activities.