Comply is a new Dedicated Product

Dedicated is an international company with its design core in Italy and part of its development centere in India.

Pune office


Our Italian branch in Padua and in Milan

Dedicated helps industrialize technological assets and production processes creating innovative digital platforms integrated with value-added services.

We enable business leaders to create new and more efficient business models that leverage today’s modern business ecosystems.

We strive to create value ecosystems and achieve environmental sustainability by pandering to individual needs and meeting professional aspirations.


Our Indian branch in Pune

Dedicated India is located in Regus Pune, in Magarpatta City hi-tech district, which is second in India only to Bangalore.

In this new collaborative environment, our teams work to leverage emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The new branch helps create a multicultural environment capable of accommodating the business needs of dynamic companies.

Pune office

Dedicated Italia

Via della Provvidenza, n° 63
35030 Sarmeola di Rubano (PD),

Dedicated India

Regus Pune Office Centres
Level 6, Pentagon 2,
Magarpatta City,
Pune – 411028 – India