Intelligent Verification

Smart eInvoice management

Comply’s intelligent verification component uses a customizable workflow supported by Machine Learning to automate the cross-checking of invoices against purchase orders and/or delivery documents, assigning travel expenses, reconciling receipts, and validating time sheets.

Review data and approve in real-time

With Comply you can eliminate tedious manual data entry and the associated human errors, and process month-end and year-end accounts faster. This allows your team to dedicate their time to other aspects of work.

Harness artificial intelligence

Identify anomalies, duplicates, discrepancies, and exceptions at a glance.

Approve or reject

Decide with a click whether to approve an eInvoice or open a dispute.

Matching and coding

2-way and 3-way eInvoice verification and cost coding of documents.

Comply with regulations

Fulfill the obligations imposed by the reference regulatory system.

Assign invoices

Assign the verification and approval of an eInvoice to the designated manager.

Manage accounting flows

Adhere to organizational, master data, and corporate accounting rules.

Drastically reduce the time spent on monthly financial closing

Comply simplifies Accounts Payable by directly verifying and linking documents (POs, delivery notes, timesheets, travel expenses, etc.) and eInvoices and routing them to the teams and managers responsible for their approval.

Intelligent verification of all documents received

Automatically verify invoiced items against issued purchase orders and shipping documents (2-way and 3-way matching).

Allocate costs by nature and destination (production costs, sales costs, overheads, etc.) from a single dashboard that lets you manage attachments and track all related events to ensure the highest level of auditability.


AP Department

Administrative area

Direct assignment to the designated manager

With Comply, you can assign eInvoices directly to the manager responsible for approving or rejecting them.

Manage deadlines and priorities for tasks, and automatically prompt or follow up the responsible manager.

Comply also checks eInvoices for services and travel expenses via its TimeSheet and TravelExpenses modules for managing timesheets and expense claims submitted by employees or external contractors.



Approver area

Automatic management of approvals and rejections

With Comply, the designated manager can approve eInvoices and other payables with just a few clicks directly from their private area, accessible from both mobile and desktop.

Manage anomalies and discrepancies by rejecting the invoice and/or opening a dispute and managing and tracking it entirely within the platform in a fully automated manner.

Mobile app


Move to smarter AP management

Leverage the modernity of the digital Comply platform to achieve worry-free compliance with changing global reporting regulations.