Payables Hub

Process documents from multichannel entities

Comply’s Payables Hub functionality is the digital meeting point for all documents and invoices to be managed in accounts payable.

Comply is able to channel documents from various networks, numerous end-to-end connections, and many other internationally regulated systems into a completely digital process.

Improve control over Accounts Payable

Comply’s multi-channel dashboard ensures a comprehensive and uniform view of data from various channels. Enhance control over all payables and interpret data at a glance to remain compliant at all times.

Multi-channel receipt

Receive and process accounting documents from different international networks and sources.

Easily integrate with global platforms

Maintain full tax-and-reporting compliance with multiple international eInvoicing regulations and systems.

Normalize, extract and visualize data

View all formats in a single layout and visualize attachments and reports.

Tax compliance

By exploiting structured data, Comply collects and validates your tax information so that you are always tax compliant.

Eliminate manual processes and papers

Eliminate the space and time requirements for paper storage with cloud-based filing and archival.

Document sorting

Collate and associate all documents within accounts payable without chasing employees.

AP Documents

Manage all your data from one single dashboard

Comply receives all data from any document type without invoice capturing costs.

Minimize processing time and costs and eliminate data-capture mistakes and duplications while reducing allocation errors thanks to AI and machine learning.

This specific functionality within Comply helps you automatically receive and normalize timesheets, purchase orders, delivery notes, travel expenses and electronic invoice data from worldwide networks with different standards and protocols.

Document reception


Platforms around the world

Comply is integrated with multiple governmental eInvoicing platforms, for example the Italian revenue agency (AdE)’s SDI or the French PDP (Plateforme de Dématérialisation Partenaire). 

Comply receives eInvoices from all international digital channels and systems and translates them into a single xml format providing you with full visibility.

International eInvoicing formats

Thanks to its multi-channel DNA, Comply can handle electronic invoices issued in any digital format.


Used by the Italian Exchange System (SdI).


European network for Public Administration procurement.


Globally accepted standard across many industrial sectors.


Hybrid electronic invoicing standard in Germany.


Hybrid standard for french electronic invoicing.


Most widely used standard in the North American market.


Iternational EDI standard.

Multichannel platform


Achieve compliance painlessly

Comply proactively participates in regulatory panels to track updates and immediately and automatically integrates regulatory amendments without disrupting your daily operations.

Leverage digitalization to ensure compliance and procedural transparency across all accounting processes.