Simplify and digitalize your business

Comply’s digital platform transforms your AP process, increasing productivity and security and ensuring strong supplier relationships. From PO matching to dispute management and financial approvals, the platform provides centralized access, enabling quick handling of tasks.

Reduce errors, development costs, and the need for ongoing training and user support. Maintain full tax-and-reporting compliance with multiple international eInvoicing and e-reporting regulations and systems.


Full integration with global platforms

Comply is fully integrated with international platforms and regulatory (legal and/or fiscal) systems so you can use our comprehensive AP technology to manage your business cash flows.


Optimize with key figures

Increase your productivity by verifying eInvoices against travel expenses, timesheets, and purchase orders with fewer staff members, and stay up to date with regulatory changes globally.


Authorize, authenticate and eliminate risks

Maintain complete control of your data, and simply and easily prevent any fraud. Comply assures compliance with security requirements worldwide thanks to the AWS Cloud and multifactor authentication.


Manage accounts payable from anywhere at any time

Have maximum visibility of your position at any time, from anywhere, on any device, thanks to Comply’s user-friendly dashboard and its view of your real-time data. Only you can view and manage the flows directly related to you in the mobile app.


Easily scale with your business growth

Comply’s digital platform and high-performance professional cloud ensures excellent service levels and performance – regardless of the number of users you have or the documents, expenses, and invoices you process.


Achieve your goals effectively and efficiently

Manage everything from a single platform with easy-to-understand data visualization that enables efficient and immediate action on accounting documents and invoices by financial managers.

What can Comply do for you?

Use Comply to turn frustrating administrative intensity into efficient digital collaboration.

Optimize and improve departmental productivity by monitoring the workload across your department and simplifying and accelerating the administration and approval of purchase orders and invoices coming from various digital platforms.

Benefit by Role

Chief Financial Officer

Comply gives you greater financial control and helps you make data-driven decisions faster.

Reduce the risk of fraud by using secure digitally applied rules, processes and workflows to track, check, and authorize expenditure.

Free your team to focus on what counts for your business. No more redundant and/or manual processes to manage, so you can dramatically increase your productivity.

Make better use of your existing technological resources (hardware and software) without having to buy complex systems and waste investment in under- or un-used technologies.

Accounting staff

With Comply’s cloud-based technology, accounting becomes a snap.

Comply lets you interconnect easily with colleagues and superiors for efficient collaboration. As a financial team, you’ll be able to swiftly distribute documents to the appropriate workgroup for expense approval by accounting managers.

We reduce technical complexity to make the accounting experience simpler, easier, and quicker. We also support your journey to ever-greater IT literacy and compliance in the accounting field.

Comply dashboard’s rapid access to key figures makes financial forecasting, financial analysis, and cash flow projections faster and more reliable.

Chief Executive Officer

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business outflows and have full visibility into your reporting and compliance.

Rely on Comply’s strong cybersecurity mechanisms and data protection to limit threats of ransomware attacks.

Improve your business agility and resiliency in the face of increasingly unpredictable change and easily get a handle on near- and medium-term financial demands.

Attract and retain key financial talent by offering them state-of-the-art, innovative technological support so they can focus on adding value to your business.

Chief Technology Officer

Overcome the expected and unexpected challenges of a world in constant upheaval.

Replace outdated, vulnerable, time-intensive legacy systems with Comply’s leading-edge cloud-based platform.

Use Comply to give your company’s financial team completely secure access to transactions and full data privacy – even remotely.

Avoid the expensive, time-consuming, and never-ending task of updating your team’s technical skills by relying on Comply’s SaaS solution and reduce the time your team has to spend on end-user support.

Comply globally in one click

Eliminate the friction of different countries’ eInvoicing formats, languages, regulations and models. 

Multi-channel to manage AP internationally

A multichannel digital platform allows you to receive and manage electronic documents and invoices from leading systems and platforms worldwide, effectively eliminating barriers related to languages and borders.

Comply everywhere you need to

Comply receives expense information from all digital channels, platforms, and international systems and normalizes them into a single dashboard to achieve end-to-end visibility of your AP situation.

The Comply platform is designed to adapt and ensure compliance in each context.

Remain compliant with the legal and fiscal regulations of every country!

Benefits by Country


Italy was the first country to implement mandatory B2B electronic invoicing starting from January 1st, 2019, thereby setting a positive example for international eInvoicing.

Comply is enabled for transmission with the Italian Exchange System (Sistema di Interscambio), through which companies can issue and receive electronic invoices and their associated notifications.

The SdI was implemented by the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) to facilitate the electronic exchange of documents between taxpayers and the agency itself, as well as among taxpayers.

This system was introduced to promote the digitization of processes and reduce reliance on paper, simplifying operations and helping to combat tax evasion.


Comply is compliant with the German electronic invoicing regulation (XRechnung).

Germany is laying the groundwork for its B2B electronic invoicing project within the country. The eInvoicing project aims to stimulate growth opportunities for businesses and ensure tax fairness.

In 2010, FeRD (Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland) was established as a significant organization supporting eInvoicing in Germany, with the aim of promoting the use of eInvoicing in both the public and private sectors.

FeRD promoted the ZUGFeRD standard to expand the use of eInvoicing to SMEs.

The German government’s proposal aligns with the European proposals for VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA), which envisages the use of the European standard for electronic invoicing EN 16931. The current draft does not foresee the submission of data to the tax authority at the present time.

The mandatory issuance of electronic invoices has been postponed to 2027/2028. However, all companies should be ready to receive electronic invoices starting from 2025.


The French government has chosen a Y-shaped scheme to avoid disrupting existing B2B eInvoicing that occurs without intermediation (e-Reporting).

eInvoicing has been mandatory since 2020 for transactions with state and local entities through the Chorus Pro platform, and foresees a two-phase implementation: from September 1st, 2026, for large and medium-sized enterprises, and from September 1st, 2027, for small and micro-enterprises.

Companies can use various electronic invoicing platforms to comply with this new obligation. Use Comply as a dematerialization platform for France (PDP).


On December 6th, 2023, the Royal Decree 1007/2023 was published in the Official Gazette of the State (BOE) approving the VeriFactu regulation.

This regulation sets the requirements for the computer systems supporting billing processes for entrepreneurs and professionals in Spain and mandates that businesses adjust their systems by July 1st, 2025.

The decree also mandates that companies and professionals use Billing Information Systems (SIF) to ensure the integrity, preservation, accessibility, and traceability of billing records.

Spain’s B2B electronic invoicing system will comprise private platforms and a public solution managed by the Tax Agency.