Minimize financial closing time

Comply supports verification processes for financial documents to enhance efficiency in the approval and tracking of activities.

Manage documentation related to the purchase of goods and services, employee travel expenses, and external collaborators’ timesheets by effectively communicating with users from a single platform.


Automatically link purchase orders and invoices

Simplify the management of supplier accounting by verifying invoices against both purchase orders and waybills or shipping documents directly within the Comply platform.

Move approvals out of endless email exchanges and spreadsheets; leverage automated approvals to reduce manual work. Comply enables you to send purchase orders directly to responsible managers for approvals.

Comply enables you to manage deadlines and priorities for each task, so you can maintain quality relationships with your suppliers.

financial data management
financial data management


Check timesheets from external contractors

Close monthly accounts quickly through efficient management of timesheets concerning services, maintenance, external consultations, and technical assistance.

View all expenses in real-time rather than at the end of the month and automate administrative tasks to identify duplicates, errors, and missing reports or documents, ensuring financial records are up to date.


Manage and reconcile employee travel expenses.

With Comply, you no longer have to chase up or remind employees; you can view all receipts from a single platform.

Automatically reconcile transactions and receipts for employee expense reimbursements.

Digitalize expense reports and incorporate them with all other company expenses to get them approved by managers even faster.

financial data management


Intelligently verify your e-invoices against all documents

Explore the features that support the verification of financial documents, whether that involves other company entities for approval, or tracking and checking the activities carried out.