Overcoming technological fears: security first

20 Dec, 2022

In recent years, the biggest issue that has arisen within a company as a result of technological and digital development is the implementation of security.
The very fear of fraud is the first obstacle that stops the CEO from pursuing adequate and state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Overcoming fears

Many CEOs fear automation or believe their team is not ready for more automation.
They don’t have staff qualified to manage increasingly complex cyber security risks and digitalization. Their existing staff has a skills gap regarding automation.
Threats and technology both advance rapidly so their staff and infrastructure will always lag, and the costs and effort of staying up to date are high.
What should be taken into consideration instead is that the threats of not being up to date are worse.
Find a solution to unused technology investments and disparate systems.
A SaaS system shifts the burden for keeping the technology, security, and regulatory compliance up to date and for maintaining it onto the digital platform, alleviating you of this burden.
Scaling is also quicker and easier with SaaS solutions.

Safe and secure

Fraud and cyber security are major challenges for companies.
The risk of digital identities being stolen and unauthorized transactions being made are bigger and bigger.
Another threat is theft of company data (hacking), or of access being blocked in return for ransom demands, as well as interception of transactions between the cloud and the customer site or cloud and the financial/tax institution.
A digital platform would take care of these problems, maintain complete control of your data, and simply and easily prevent any fraud or investigate anomalous events.

Supply chain resilience

This has become a major problem in many sectors, starting with the pandemic and subsequently the effects of the war.
There are already growing delays in the supply of materials and components and unpredictable spikes in energy and other costs with resulting knock-on effects on production, which then affects sales prices and income streams.
For medium and large companies, the risk of extortion by ransomware also affects their business partners. This is surely the last problem you need to add to all the preoccupations already present.
A ransomware attack can take the form of a triple extortion.
If attackers fail to successfully attack one company to obtain a ransom, they can turn their attention to targeting its business partners.


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