Strengthen supplier relations

Integrate new suppliers faster and avoid disputes with suppliers. Comply simplifies digital collaboration to reduce disruptions, increase efficiency and enhance supplier satisfaction.


Effortlessly maintain good supplier relationships

Easily onboard new suppliers and achieve a rapid return on your investment in Comply.

Computerized validation against purchase orders, quotations, and goods or services received.

Easily Authorize
Consolidate and simplify authorizations for payment to optimize timing and maximize benefit from exchange rates.

Find Opportunities
Quickly identify opportunities to consolidate suppliers, save costs per invoice or supplier, or negotiate better prices or discounts.

Always Compliant
Comply with national, regional, and international regulations, and automate reporting.

Control Cashflows
Access real-time spend, invoice status, and all key data with a user friendly dashboard.

AP control


Access real-time spend, invoice status, and all key data in the user friendly dashboard

Have maximum visibility of your position at any time, from anywhere, on any device, based on real-time data via Comply’s user friendly dashboard.

Achieve tighter control of AP by having anytime access to which vendors have invoiced, status of approvals and payment authorizations, as well as any exception reports.


Improve supplier relationships with clear communication and by being a good payer

Automatically check invoices against POs, quotations or proposals, or route invoices to managers for approvals. Authorize payment for the correct goods and services timeously to avoid fines, sanctions, and late-payment penalty fees in countries where these apply. Ensure you create a good payer track record to secure preferred customer status and enhance your price negotiation leverage.

Expense approval
VAT exceptions


Instantly view anomalies, duplicates, mismatches, and exceptions

Discover your typical end-to-end invoice processing period and identify delays and their causes in the process.

Leverage the accurate, real-time data in Comply to improve your budgeting and forecasting and investigate from the dashboard.

Complete reconciliations quickly and with greater accuracy.

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