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10 Jan, 2023

Smart working

If you are always worried about how to keep tabs on your payments situation even when you’re out of the office, then keep reading…
In recent years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the need to work effectively remotely and to find new technology solutions grew exponentially.
Some of the main concerns regarding these new digital solutions are what levels of security the digital platform can guarantee against cyber attacks, and how usable it is from different devices.

The mobile applications era

Over the past decade mobile applications have become the main vehicle to do most things we have to do daily, and to manage purchases and payments on a B2C level, for example.
But did you know that CEOs and CFOs can also exploit an application on their phones for managing and executing B2B transactions?
To keep on top of your important corporate data at all times in your busy working life, you need a tool that can give you easy, secure access to your financial data from anywhere in the world.
Such a tool not only allows the CEO and CFO to stay on top of necessary approvals to keep company operations going, but also enables greater collaboration between all employees involved in a given project.

Real-time dashboard

A single application on your mobile phone can give you maximum visibility and usability for greater control and organization.
Efficiency is key to the achievement of your corporate goals. To deal with a problem as soon as possible, even when you are not in the office, is fundamental – and often differentiates you from your competitors.
With a personalized dashboard you can instantly view easily readable key figures and drill down on anomalies, duplicates, mismatches, and exceptions.
Imagine having personalized charts directly on your mobile phone’s screen so that you can see at a glance what is moving in the right direction and where you need to intervene.
With a digital platform accessible directly from a mobile application this is not only possible – it is a real competitive advantage.

Work smarter, not harder: implementing smart working

As mentioned, the advantage lies not only in being able to approve and control transactions or the actions of your employees, but also in enabling them to collaborate seamlessly and intelligently.
Providing employees with smart working opportunities is also an incentive to them to work better and a deterrent to leaving the company.
In addition, with several people having remote control, it is more difficult for mistakes, tasks and assignments to slip through the cracks.
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