What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

The SaaS model allows direct use of software and databases with the costs being distributed according to the use you make of it.

Comply is responsible for providing, maintaining, and updating the software, including the underlying infrastructure, for its customers.

The main advantages of the SaaS distribution model are the ability to access and use software that would otherwise be too expensive to purchase and maintain in-house, resulting in substantial savings in terms of technology and labor force.

The benefits of relying on the Comply platform

By offloading the responsibility and costs of the software, and its maintenance and support, onto Comply, you can focus on those aspects of your business that generate most revenue.

Running your business without having to purchase, update, and maintain the software, or provide the related user support, boosts your company profitability by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and optimizing the use of scarce and costly labor resources.

The power of Scalability

Cloud-based SaaS applications can also grow with your company.

Adding access to the service or application for new users or new branches is much easier. Likewise, if activity decreases, or costs needs to be cut, you can go back to using only what you need.