How does Comply work?

Administration and management

Optimize and improve departmental productivity by monitoring the workloads across your department, and simplifying, accelerating, and automating the administration and management of e-invoices from multiple digital channels.

Comply is powered by AI and ML to automate standardized and recurring processes and discover new potential time savings and accuracy in digital accounting.

Global eInvoicing

Comply helps you atain full tax and reporting compliance with multiple global eInvoicing and e-reporting regulations and systems (e.g. Italian SDI, French PDP, Peppol).

In this way our SaaS platform eases:

  • internal corporate reporting (including workloads, cash flows, cost centres, payment deadlines, approvals, discrepancies, forecasting, etc)


  • external corporate reporting (through simplified, automated regulatory and tax compliance)

Control from anywhere

With Comply you can also:

  • Optimize management of accounts payable at any time from anywhere with a real-time view of your AP situation through the mobile application.

  • Manage costs and approvals in real time and view your cash flow status in any moment.