Comply’s Invoice Hub: multichannel functionality for your AP

18 Dec, 2023

Invoice Hub

Transform your approach to accounts payable invoices with Comply’s multichannel Invoice Hub!

Optimize and improve productivity, monitor the workload across your department, and simplify and accelerate the administration and management of e-invoices from multiple digital channels.

Receive e-invoices from all international digital channels, platforms, and systems and normalize them into one single dashboard to gain end-to-end visibility of your AP situation.


From multiple formats into a single, unified interpretation

Comply’s Invoice Hub supports all international CIUS (Core Invoice Usage Specification) format electronic invoices. All global regulatory standards are automatically included and integrated.

Some of the main ones among these are:

  • XMLPA Invoice (Italian standard via SdI)
  • Invoice BIS 3.0 and Credit Note BIS 3.0 by OpenPeppol
  • Zugferd 2.0 (German standard by FeRD)
  • Factur-X (French Standard by FNFE-MPE)
  • INVOIC EANCOM 2002 S3 & S4 (

Comply places no limit to the formats that can be progressively added to the Invoice Hub according to your business needs.

Any standards adopted in future by EU and extra-EU regulatory systems will also be incorporated without the need for Comply users to do anything.

Moreover, Comply also offers the integration of multiple EDI INVOIC specifications.


Main features of Comply’s Invoice Hub

Digital document receipt from any global network

Comply automatically receives eInvoices from all international digital channels and systems (SDI, PDP, ZUGFeRD, Peppol, EDI and more), integrating seamlessly with multiple governmental eInvoicing platforms.

As a Comply customer, you are assured of always being up to date with regulatory amendments, changes and modifications when you use our SaaS platform.

Data normalization

Comply “translates” all eInvoices from these different platforms and formats into a single xml format, giving you full visibility of your AP – without requiring intervention or manual operations from your staff.

The platform’s full integration with global eInvoicing standards and tax reporting legislation assures you have total peace of mind regarding regulatory compliance with tax laws in different countries.

Intelligent document management

  • Sort AP documents and allocate or distribute them to the appropriate workgroup based on freely definable rules
  • View and print PDFs with a unified layout, independent of the original digital format
  • Download and file the attachments
  • Extract reports as CSV files
  • Digitally archive the originals and trackall related attachments, notes, supporting documentation, and approvals or rejections.

Reduced need for manual operations and ongoing training

Comply’s Invoice Hub allows you to delegate the task of gathering and preserving precise information regarding your suppliers, thereby reducing the time that your AP department invests in the onboarding and incorporation of vendors. Eliminate redundant registrations and automatically identify and flag disparate or new data, to ensure a well-organized vendor master file.

By automating this process you diminish or eliminate errors from manual operations, decrease development costs, and reduce the requirement for ongoing training and user support.


About Comply

Comply is Dedicated’s latest cloud-based SaaS creation.

It offers you a responsive, digital, tax-and-regulation-compliant accounts payable platform that simplifies management and administration of accounts and expenses from a central dashboard, and guarantees visibility and access at any time from anywhere.