Comply CFO Dashboard: AP data visualization solved

13 Mar, 2024

data visualization

In a recent survey USA-based The CFO Alliance, interviewed over a third of finance leaders in the middle market to gain insights into their 2024 plans. Data visualization emerged as a crucial aspect requiring attention, among the various areas identified for improvement.

CFO-identified challenges

The survey highlighted two primary challenges faced by CFOs:

  1. Time constraints: CFOs expressed being overwhelmed with their day-to-day tasks, leaving them with minimal bandwidth to address other concerns. They seek to streamline workflows for greater efficiency, aiming to reduce process steps and human intervention.
  2. Communication gap: Another hurdle in workflows is the communication gap, particularly in the context of remote work environments. There is a recognized need to enhance collaboration and bridge the automation skills gap within their teams.

CFO-proposed solutions

To tackle these challenges nearly half of the mid-market CFOs intend to allocate more resources to four key areas:

  • people,
  • strategy,
  • technology and
  • data visualization.

For 2024, the emphasis lies on automation and technology-driven solutions, with data visualization and workflow enhancements ranking high on the priority list.

Among the planned technological advancements, 44% of respondents aim to focus on data visualization and business intelligence, followed by 37% prioritizing workflow automation and AI, and 36% targeting enterprise resource planning system implementations.

Why data matters

Data visualization is pivotal in allowing finance teams to ensure that data is accessible and coherent for decision makers

There’s a growing realization that data must be presented in a manner that encourages its utilization.

With the expansion of technology within mid-market enterprises, various functional leaders now have access to tools that enable data capture and transform previously immeasurable metrics into actionable insights.

Comply’s CFO dashboard

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