Benefit from Cloud Computing

19 Oct, 2022


Cloud computing refers to the on-demand, secure delivery of services such as storage, database, software or networking services from a provider to an end customer via the Internet.

Cloud solutions for your company provide scalability and minimize the impact of digital transition on your systems and your organization.

So how can you benefit from leveraging cloud-based services that are managed by an external organization?

Using cloud-based services, you have:

  • Less responsibilities

    No more need for you to update operating systems or applications – the provider will keep everything up to date for you.
    And you will not longer have the problems of having to purchase servers, or dismantle and dispose of obsolete hardware or software.


  • Cost savings

    Save on the considerable costs of installation and implementation of managing and supporting your IT infrastructure.
    With cloud-based services, you simply pay for what you use when you use it. Cloud services save you the money you would have spent on buying and maintaining your own IT infrastructure.


  • Tested security

    Cloud services may offer a more secure and efficient service because they can leverage economies of scale to obtain deeper, more specialized skills to manage and protect a given service and their staff will have more experience than you or any other single company can afford to hire.
    Even for basic applications then, such as e-mail, it may make sense to switch to a cloud provider, rather than relying on in-house expertise.


  • Flexibility

    By handing over the headaches and costs of managing and hosting your IT infrastructure to an external organization, you free yourself to spend more time on the revenue generating and value creating aspects of your business.


  • Mobility

    Cloud services make it possible to access your data and IT infrastructure at any time and from anywhere. Your teams can also access data remotely and communicate easily – even without being in the office.
    The 2020 Covid-19 lockdowns underlined the importance to companies of being able to work remotely with quick and easy access to corporate data without having to give up security.


  • Greater collaboration

    The ability to visualise and share information across a cloud-based platform makes collaboration simple and secure.
    Furthermore, cloud computing helps maintain data consistency and avoid human errors. With the whole team having access to the same information, it is easier to review and update that information, while maintaining a record of previous versions of the data.


  • Data integrity and security

    Information stored locally is at risk of being lost or corrupted.
    With a cloud-based server, all information is easily accessible from any computer but remains safe and easily retrievable.
    In case of emergencies or natural disasters involving power outages, or computer or system failures, or of external threats from ransomware attacks or other security breaches, data that has been saved on the cloud is not lost.


  • Automatic updates

    Transfer the stress and economic burden of application and operating system updates to the service provider.
    Gain the peace of mind of always having the latest hardware and software at your disposal, without needing to capitalize or ammortize the investments, or worry about the secure decommissioning and disposal of obsolete items.


  • Low environmental impact

    Environmental friendliness is an increasingly important issue that improves your company’s image in the eyes of customers and partners. Cloud hosting enables you to reduce your environmental footprint.
    Reducing your amount of physical hardware and your paper waste equates to environmental proactivity. Using virtual services improves energy efficiency since they can leverage economies of scale, and you can also comprehensively reduce your emissions related to employee travel because they can access data and work from anywhere.


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