A unique solution for your accounting headaches

30 Nov, 2022

A unique solution for your contability headaches

Imagine a one-and-done, set-and-forget solution to the numerous problems that arise in the management of your Accounts Payable (AP).

Among the many headaches you encounter in your AP process are continuously updated compliance requirements, concerns regarding fraud, supplier relationship management and related issues, and the time and resource suck of human errors arising from outdated and time consuming manual and paper-based procedures.

Can all these complicated concerns be solved without spending a huge amount of money on customized ERP solutions and the consequent change management and training requirements?

Compliance shouldn’t be so hard

That’s right. Over the past few years tax compliance has become a significant burden for companies in general, but we can remove that hassle from your life.

More and more governments across Europe are mandating electronic invoicing – via different platforms and in varying formats.

Even those countries that do not require the exchange of data via a centralized system still require companies to report detailed invoice data within specific deadlines.

Keeping up with all the changes and learning every new governamental platform requires a lot of time, human resources, and, consequently, money. By delegating this task and removing it from your to-do list, you can devote yourself to activities that add value and generate more revenue.

A digital path to efficiency

A company’s success is also based on its ability to produce results efficiently and quickly.

A move to digital allows you to manage your team and them to collaborate in a more connected way, which also saves time spent on problem solving and dramatically improves processes, planning and forecasting, and record keeping and reporting.

Controlled, digital access to data from anywhere at any time for authorized employees further improves efficiency by reducing errors due to distraction or manual data entry.

Keeping data organized, error-free, and on one screen can completely revolutionize the way your team works. Being able to digitally assign tasks and duties to different employees and collaborators, and then have total visibility over how and when these are carried out is a significant step towards achieving your business goals.

Secure access from anywhere at any time

But how can you be sure that all access paths are secure, and that no undesired parties are trespassing to steal data or otherwise threaten your organization?

Nothing is left to chance. Just as technology usage for accounting-related planning, implementation and management has increased, so have the necessary security measures.

Whether by computer or mobile phone, access to company data is strictly controlled by various levels of security.

Only authorized persons have access, and every event within documents and processes is tracked for transparent monitoring and control.

Furthermore, as is good practice in any case, data back-ups are conducted frequently and regularly to other cloud locations for full redundancy and assured recovery in case of different risks.


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