What are the main features of an end-to-end AP workflow?

13 Feb, 2023


The expression “end-to-end” describes a complete, functional solution or system that covers every step in a process from start to finish, usually without the need for involving third parties.

The end-to-end principle is central, for instance, to the Internet Protocol (IP), on which the Internet is founded. It requires operations related to communication protocols to occur at the end points of a communication system.

This concept results in a new model: namely a “dumb network” with “intelligent terminals”, as opposed to an “intelligent network” with “dumb terminals”.

Counterintuitive as it may seem, the smart thing about “dumb” networks is that they push innovation to the edge of the network, giving end users control over the pace and direction of innovation!

It is this aspect of the concept that is used by vendors to offer comprehensive systems that keep pace with ever-changing infrastructure and regulatory requirements and the pace of technology change that characterizes the IT industry itself.


How does this apply to AP management?

Relying on an end-to-end solution provider ensures complete management of a system’s hardware and software, including installation, implementation, and maintenance. An end-to-end solution can cover everything from the client interface to data storage and backup.

More specifically, the steps in an Accounts Payable workflow are well suited to being managed within a single, end-to-end digital platform:

  1. First you receive the eInvoice directly on our multi-channel platform, respective of whether they are delivered via state/public or private interchanges.
  2. The platform then enables you to either manually or automatically allocate the costs from the invoices to your cost centers – essential for better insight into how costs are divided in your organization.
  3. You can then easily allocate them for payment using payment category suggestions that save time and increase work efficiency
  4. The end-to-end solution gives you total control of:
    • Projects and WBS
    • Fixed Asset Capitalization
    • Internal Orders for Investment
    • Renovations
    • R&D
    • WIP
  5. An efficient AP workflow should also enable you to automatically route pre-approved amounts to your payment platform, while routing all other invoices to relevant managers for approval.
  6. The digital platform in an end-to-end process also automates eInvoice verification against PO or quotation, as well as recording your expenses in the company ledger.
  7. Furthermore, the digital platform enables you to take maximum advantage of payment discounts or beneficial exchange rates by ensuring that payments are scheduled for exactly the right time. Optimizing the management of cash outflows and working capital is one of the many benefits of relying on an end-to-end provider.
  8. You can also automatically reconcile transactions and travel expense receipts, file all invoices with related documentation (PO, quotations, service contracts), and archive everything in the cloud.
  9. You can then generate any reports at any time, with just a few clicks.


End-to-end solution

For complex systems or services, it is simpler, easier and cheaper to have an intelligent end-to-end solution so that you only have to deal with one supplier and have one point of contact.

We offer your organization a service that follows the full AP process from start to finish and provides you with a complete view of the process status at any time.

Furthermore, you can rest easy with our assurance of ongoing support services from product setup assistance and troubleshooting, to upgrade and maintenance assistance as well as day-to-day operational support.

We pride ourselves on supporting every aspect of the process in the platform – from start to finish.

If you are ready to try an end-to-end solution for your entire AP process, find out more here.