Who can use Comply and how and when can they use it?

Who has access to the platform?

Comply allows you to customize all settings to ensure that only truly authorized persons have access, according to their roles, skills and authority.

You decide who has access to each section of the platform and gain more control over every step of AP management.

Comply’s dashboard gives you an at-a-glance overview of everything that is going on at any moment in time, and the two-factor authentication eliminates the risk of access by unauthorized parties.

When and where can the platform?

Thanks to Comply’s mobile application, all authorized persons can access the platform at any time – for instance during business trips – and view the key figures they are authorized to see at any time of the day.

The ability to keep track of your data and key numbers quickly and easily from anywhere in the world significantly reduces the possibility of errors, facilitates sound decision making, and substantially supports planning and forecasting at any stage of the AP process.

Connectivity between employees, and digitally supported collaboration drastically reduces the odds of making mistakes while also improving efficiency and effectiveness.