Is e-reporting the same all over the world?

e-Reporting in Europe

In France, the e-reporting model follows a ‘y-scheme’ and requires companies to use a dematerialization platform (Plateforme de Dématérialisation Partenaire or PDP) to validate eInvoices before reporting the VAT data to the government.

Similarly, in Spain’s hybrid model, only VAT data needs to be reported to the state revenue department via the FACeB2B platform.

Other European Countries

In other European countries such as Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Hungary, e-reporting takes place via SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax).

SAF-T is one of the global standard formats for exchanging accounting data, and facilitates the compilation of VAT registers.

More specifically, SAF-T is based on the XML standard and enables reporting by organizations to national tax authorities and external auditors.