How does Comply manage payables risk?

Thanks to Comply, you can automate all the repetitive tasks with increased risk of human error.

We make it easier to classify expenses quickly to track and control costs.

Eliminating the complications, stress, and risks associated with lost or misfiled documents is key to payables risk management and the Comply platform is the solution to achieving that accuracy.

Processing, cross-checking, deduplicating, and digitally forwarding invoices for approval and payment authorization are all features that Comply provides to help you stay on track.

The platform also reports discrepancies, exceptions, and rule violations for management intervention, as well as delays or blockages anywhere in the process to increase efficiency.

You can easily keep tabs on everything thanks to the real-time visualization of KPIs and exception reports in the dashboard.

Dispute Cases

Should a dispute arise, the dedicated section in the Comply platform makes it easier to find a solution quickly.

Find all related information in electronic files and structured forms to check attributes such as the reason for the dispute, the priorities, all supplier contact information, the disputed amount(s), and relevant payments.

Escalate queries to relevant managers and resolve disputes faster to protect and foster supplier relationships and ensure business continuity.