How does Comply help me to comply with B2G, B2B and B2C regulations?

The digital structure Comply was built on allows it to operate within heterogeneous regulatory systems.

Achieve full compliance with different national legal and tax requirements, without compromising the specificity of your business.

B2G compliance and control

B2G is characterized by a long purchasing cycle and focuses on tax compliance and – more recently – also on expenditure control.

This implies a strong focus on administrative, documentary and environmental aspects, for which Comply’s structure is specifically designed.

Efficiency is the key for B2B processes success

The B2B decision-making process is highly structured and very complex.

Each tender requires punctuality, precision and quality.

The Comply platform keeps integrations with ERP and accounting systems and with eInvoicing platforms up to date, and its multi-channel structure immediately and automatically integrates any regulatory changes.

Analyse every single data point

B2C is fast-paced and characterized by high volumes.

Data analysis capabilities and process control are vital, and can only be provided by a digital platform like Comply.