Benefits of using best practice in AP management

2 Aug, 2023

Best practice

Following precise industry-approved guidelines step by step is the best way to achieve compliance and transparency in your AP management.

While it may seem to be a large endeavour at first, you will soon find that the benefits far outweigh the initial efforts.

  1. Boost competitiveness and stay ahead of your competitors.
  2. Improve quality thanks to greater accuracy of work. Having common standards across your enterprise will help your employees improve performance.
  3. Implementing AP management best practice will ensure that the right people have access to the right information about payment terms, discounts, vendors, payments, etc.
  4. Reduce costs by eliminating redundant processes. Automating best practices helps you complete tasks faster with fewer resources, reducing overall enterprise costs.
  5. Greater efficiency and quicker dispute resolution through increased visibility for your team.
  6. Monitoring real-time data on incoming invoices, payments, goods and services received will allow you to manage your cash flow more efficiently.
  7. Fewer errors, lost documents, and missed opportunities for early payment discounts.
  8. At-a-glance identification of discordant data and fast benchmarking of internal performance.
  9. Having accurate data based on industry best practice will improve your forecasting and planning ability, allowing you to add maximum value to your business.
  10. Innovate faster


Follow these best practices to boost efficiency

With Comply’s technology and process automation you can simplify your Accounts Payable workflows and achieve greater efficiency:

  • Limit access to the highest-level files to authorized people in the company
  • Prioritize processing and approvals of different invoices to to take maximum advantage of the best conditions and rates.
  • Apply procedural logic to payment deadlines to control your cashflows more tightly.
  • Leverage technology to better analyse each situation and limit the opportunities for human error.
  • Avoid potential fraud at any stage of the AP process with real-time exception reports that identify and flag anomalies, inconsistencies, or discrepancies.
  • Appropriately allocate roles to eliminate unnecessary work so you only have to monitor KPIs and approve payments.
  • Perform automated checks to eliminate duplicate payments, identify over- or under-payments, reconcile accounts, and reduce audit stress.
  • Quickly identify opportunities to consolidate suppliers, save costs per invoice or supplier, or negotiate better prices or discounts.
  • Eliminate paper-based procedures and record-keeping to save substantially on office space, archival storage and unproductive use of personnel.
  • Quickly resolve disputes and safeguard supplier relationships.


Comply: a unique digital platform

Comply effortlessly with international regulations and automate reporting.

Ensure that invoice processing, VAT, and vendor payment authorizations and compulsory reporting comply with the relevant government regulations, with internal policies and industry best practices.

Let Comply help you manage and implement compliance seamlessly across your business.

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