Unlock Accounting Potential

Automate your entire accounts payable system and gain peace of mind with regard to regulatory and technological compliance.

Comply keeps your financial data safe and simplifies the AP management process to its fullest extent – from receiving the documents through to posting them in your company’s ERP.

Fully control your AP process

Streamline and optimize verification processes for financial documents.

Comply enables all relevant stakeholders to access and review the necessary information, according to their role and your rules.

This eliminates the need for manual document handling and ensures that all approvals and verifications are conducted promptly and accurately – and are tracked and recorded.

Purchase of goods

Automatically link invoices with both purchase orders and waybills or shipping documents.

Travel expenses

Stop wasting time chasing your employees: automatically reconcile travel expenses.

Purchase of services

Rapidly verify timesheets from external contractors to efficiently manage services.

Designed for

forward-looking companies

Explore Comply and discover the key characteristics of this innovative digital platform for managing accounts payable.

With user-friendly interfaces, Comply enables easy navigation through different functionalities, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

One platform, many benefits

One user-friendly, digital, scalable, secure, cloud-based, ERP-integrated platform. Discover all the benefits that Comply’s SaaS platform offers your company.


Reduce costs and
streamline work

Ensure transparency, collaboration, and seamless integration across departments, driving productivity and organizational effectiveness.

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Go global!

With Comply, you won’t have to worry about regulatory changes globally anymore. Receive, manage, approve, and record every type of invoice from a single dashboard.

Explore the benefits

Control. Approve. Comply.

The platform’s innovative features include fully digital document management, automated dispute resolution, customizable workflows, and real-time recording and tracking, providing a holistic and streamlined approach to payables management.

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Global reception of all documents and invoices

Manage processes based on information gathered from documents originating in heterogeneous systems, networks, formats, standards, and applications.

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2-way / 3-way matching

Leverage artificial intelligence support for quick verification of invoice items against received purchase orders and transport documents.

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Simplified Dispute Case resolution

Comply’s Dispute Management component simplifies and tracks all activities carried out by the accounts payable (AP) department to resolve issues that arise during invoice reconciliation.

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Automatically register 100%
of your AP

Comply’s posting functionality is supported by the platform’s ERP connector to enable easy and fast integration with any ERP and all the various releases of SAP.

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