Easily create and resolve dispute cases

Resolve your disputes as soon as possible to safeguard your supplier relationships.

Keep track of all disputes and solve them quickly.

Solved dispute

Effortlessly maintain good supplier relationships

Manage team connections
Coordinate your full team by connecting your employees.

Get all perspectives
To resolve a dispute faster you need more points of view.

Find discrepancies
Highlight discrepancies between orders and payment data.

Simplify management
This is key to handling a dispute faster without headaches.

Flag rule violations
Distribute disputes for coordinated resolution.

Gain peace of mind
Quickly resolve all disputes for greater productivity.



Leverage a structured and streamlined process to reduce time wastage

Gain time for employees to commit to other tasks by streamlining and automating dispute case procedures.

View the status of the dispute and of the amounts involved from any device.

Identify the under- or over-payment and allocate a responsible person to oversee the case with just a few clicks.



Automatically create a Dispute Case

Find all relevant information in electronic files and structured formats and view details such as:

  • reason for the dispute
  • priorities
  • supplier contact information
  • delivery notes
  • disputed amount(s)
  • relevant payment(s)


Raise a dispute
Dispute lead time


Track and resolve disputes faster

All the departments involved in a dispute case can easily access and view the related the documents.

By linking all the accounting documents different teams can contribute to solving the case.

Easily forward the dispute details to the right person to ensure a faster resolution of your problems.

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